As it gets hotter over the coming weeks, here are just a few tips to keep in mind for watering your landscapes.

1) Watering in the early morning hours (3-6am range) is better than during the day or at night.  You lose less water to evaporation and it doesn’t sit on the plants/turf as long, which can lead to fungal problems.

2) Watering less frequently for longer periods of time saves water and helps roots to go deep instead of being near the surface.  Deeper roots keep plants from drying out so quickly.

3) Different plants have different watering requirements.  Make sure you have the right plants in the right places (i.e. sun vs. shade, conducive to your hardiness zone, etc.)

4) Turf should be watered differently than shrubs and flowers.  If you use automatic irrigation, make sure you have the zones separated so that these different areas water separately.

This are just a few basic suggestions.  If you would like additional information, check out this pamphlet put out be the Alabama Nursery and Landscape Association.