Since most of our plants have greened-up for spring, you have been able to enjoy the beautiful new growth along with the growth of unwanted vines like wisteria and ivy on trees and in beds. Pulling them out of your beds and off of your trees will get rid of them for a short amount of time until they appear right where they left off. In order for the vine to stop producing shoots, the root sysytem must be destroyed. There are many ways to remove unwanted vines from your yard for good, but this is what we recommend:

–          Find where the vine roots in to the ground.

–          Cut stem with any appropriate tool according to how thick the stem might be.

–          Spray Roundup onto the newly opened tissue.

–          Within a few days, the roots and vines will die.

–          Remove dead vines by hand.

These are very simple steps, but it gets the job done. A lot of tugging and pulling may be involved if it is a well-established vine, but the end result is a clean, vine free area.

We are always here for any trouble shooting or questions you might have. Just give us a call!