As mentioned in our previous blog post. Different plants need different amounts of water. We have two examples of plants that we have used with our clients in which one prefers a lot of water while the other prefers to be on the dry side.

First, is the vinca. Vincas thrive in sunny and dry environments like this one in a bed that gets full sun most of the day. 

Vincas do not like to get “wet feet” or when the roots are constantly wet because it was watered for too long or too frequently. The leaves begin to wilt causing most people to think it is dry needing more water. Not the case.


The symptoms of too much water and too little water are very similar. The Finger Test helps determine if the plant is thirsty or if it needs to dry out.

The opposite is true of the sunpatien. This annual thrives in wet conditions like in this bed that is usually wet and not in direct sunlight all day. There are so many full orange blooms!


When this annual does not get enough water it begins to wilt, like the vinca, for the opposite reason. Insufficient amounts of water can also stunt the growth of shoots and blooms like this lilac sunpatien.


In these hot summer months to come, be aware of the amount of water your annuals get. Some need the hydration while others would prefer to go without it.

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