Believe it or not, the first day of summer is less than one week away. Is your garden party on the calendar yet? Or is it a bridal shower this year? Whether you already have plans to entertain outside or are finalizing your outdoor get-together, consider incorporating one of our favorite floral arrangements.

This unconventional duo is sure to stun your guests no matter the occasion. What’s more, it’s easy, cost-effective and (almost) effortless. But don’t take our word for it – follow our step-by-step process to see for yourself why this southern display is the only solution to your outdoor entertaining needs. You are welcome to follow our example, but we encourage you to give your own personal touch. Try different flowers, include a few limes or tie a burlap bow. Be as creative as you want! (And don’t forget, purple and yellow do not necessarily mean you’re an LSU fan.)



Mason jar

Lemons (We used 5)

Flowers (We used stock, but snapdragons work as well)



After visiting your local flower supplier (we love Trader Joe’s!), trim the ends of your stems down to the correct height for your mason jar. Slice the lemons and find a few equal in size to start. With your empty mason jar, slide several lemon slices around the bottom until you’ve made a complete circle. This will serve as your base. Repeat this process until your second layer is complete. As soon as the lemons begin to fall, stop. Now it’s flower time.

Take two-thirds of your stems and carefully place them in the middle of the jar. There should be enough to push against the lemon slices and stabilize them. Wedge your remaining slices around the flowers until you are pleased with the aesthetic. With your leftover stems, insert them wherever you see fit. Once you’re finished, the flowers should be tightly squeezed in, securing the lemons and providing a bountiful, overflowing look.

The final step is to fill your jar with water until it completely covers your lemons. There is no trick to creating the perfect arrangement. Trust us, trial-and-error is inevitable. But once you’ve created your first, you’ll be able to replicate it like a pro.


Don’t forget to show off your DIY success on social media or over email. Tag us in the photo to be showcased on our page. Have fun!