Did you know that 1″ of rain produces 500 gallons of water runoff on a 2,000 square foot house?

Even though the weather may not feel like it now, summer in the deep south is quickly approaching. Most the plants in your yard are going to need some extra help in order to survive the melting heat. This means watering. Irrigation is definitely an excellent option that is less time consuming for the owner, but for a greener and less expensive route, consider rain barrels.

Rain barrels simply collect rain water that flows from the roof of your house, through your gutters, and into the barrel. The barrel can have many spigots that can easily fill a watering canister or connect to a garden hose in order to quench those thirsty plants.

There are multiple benefits to using this alternate form of watering: 

1. Reduces water consumption. More than 40% of municpal water consumed is from lawn and garden care. If water restrictions are ever put in place, your plants and lawn will survive, too.

2. Lowers monthly water expenses. Water savings can pay off rain barrel expenses within a year.

3. Rain water is free of elements such as chlorine and sodium found in municipal water. Ultimately better for the health of your plants.

4. Lowers risk of flooding from runoff. Rain fills your barrel and cares for your plants instead of filling storm sewers, low areas around your house, ponds, and creeks.

Rain barrels can be purchased at local hardware stores or can easily be hand made. Little maintenance is involved with caring for these water savers such as mesh nets to prevent mosquitoes and light cleaning once a year to prevent algae. They can also be used for many other outdoor needs like car washing or filling fountains and bird baths. There are many diffrent sizes and styles to chose from. Your barrels can be hidden away or an added touch to a beautiful, well-watered, and eco-friendly landscape.

Call us with any questions regarding your landscape. Summer is on its way!