As spring is approaching, odds are, you have seen various people and landscape groups pruning around your city. We asked our Maintenance Operations Manager, Adam Holmes, a few questions about pruning. Adam spends time training our team members on various things like pruning every week, so he is the perfect person to answer some of these questions.

Let’s see what he has to say!

  • What is pruning?
    • In very simple terms, pruning is cutting different parts of plants in order to maintain the health of the plant and promote new growth. Pruning can be broken down into 5 parts. “P.R.U.N.E.: Prepare. React. Understand the plant. Need to pick up. Enjoy the product.”

  • Why is pruning essential in landscaping?
    • Pruning is essential in landscaping because it not only cuts out possible diseases and funguses on plants, but it brings energy to each plant. Selective pruning betters the value of growth of the plant.

  • Is now a prime time for pruning?
    • Yes, now is a prime time for pruning lots of different plants. The plant can thrive and reach its fullest potential when pruned in its correct season. If we prune now, we can go ahead and attack it before its growing season.

  • What are some of the things you have been pruning recently?
    • In February, we have been pruning crepe myrtles, roses, hydrangeas, and ornamental grasses.

  • Do you prune different things all year round?
    • There are different plants you prune throughout the year. For example, we would not prune Azaleas in February, but we would prune hydrangeas.

  • Any tips for beginners?
    • Always wear the correct personal protective equipment (PPE), clean your tools, and prune at a 45-degree angle.

  • What does Blackjack Horticulture do differently?
    • Blackjack is very different because we selective prune. We hand prune more than just sheering everything. Hand pruning allows for slower growth and a fluffier shape.