You may see that pop of color in flower beds throughout your neighborhood in the fall and winter, but how much do you truly know about those lovely blooms? We asked our very own Client Relationship Manager, Taylor Elders, to tell us some fun facts about the beloved annual flower, the pansy!

Pansies are planted in the fall after the blazing heat has run its course! In Birmingham, Alabama, that is usually around October. They will bloom until it gets hot again, generally around May. These flowers are the perfect pick if you want to add a bold color to your landscape that contrasts winter color.

These annual flowers are hardy throughout a cold winter, but they are finicky when wet. Watch their water intake and make sure they do not sit in moist soil for too long. To get continual blooms throughout the cold months, you must deadhead them frequently. Removing the spent blooms encourages the plant to produce more flowers throughout the season.

Following these simple steps will keep your flowerpots and beds beautiful all season long!