Recently our flower team took a trip to visit the nurseries who supply us with beautiful annuals each season.  They visited three nurseries and one trial garden. We believe that there is always something new to learn in order to create beautiful landscapes whether that is with new techniques or new plants. The growers are always trying out new ideas to adapt to what consumers are wanting and how they want their plants to look.

Growers give us great insight on which varieties of a certain plant do best. They also let us know when brand new plants are coming out so we can put the best plants in our customer’s landscapes. We always try to keep our flower plantings new and exciting, so these insights are invaluable to us.

Another great aspect of these visits is that the growers usually live on or near the nursery and plant their flowers all around their houses and greenhouses. We get a lot of inspiration from their gardens and get to see how some of the plants we have not used in our designs look.

Below are some pictures of their adventures: