It’s February and the cold temperatures definitely make me long for spring. With dreary conditions and forecasts of sleet and snow, it’s easy to think there isn’t anything to do in the yard. On days like today though, I begin planning what I am going to plant in the spring. Planning ahead usually guarantees that I can get the exact plants that I want. I’ve already begun planning my annual and perennial beds for both my home and for clients’ homes. It’s never too early to start! So far, I’ve located crocosmia and baptisia for my backyard. Both of these plants are used sparingly, if at all, in the gardens around the area. Adding unique plants to the yard gives it a sense of character (and it’s always fun to look outside and see something different blooming!) Spring will be here soon enough. If you need help with your annual or perennial garden, give us a call. We’d love to help!

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