Blackjack Horitculture completed numerous residential and commercial projects during the Alabama summer heat this year. One of them being a complete redesign of an existing maintenance client’s front yard. The owners wanted a “Secret Garden” style so they could enjoy their front yard and have some privacy at the same time. Check out the before Read More

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During the winter months, Blackjack Horticulture catches up on heavy pruning that is needed at maintenance client’s houses. At one particular home, vines have been creeping up one of the exterior walls that was unreachable by ladder. The area covered by vines was also on the back side of the house and equipment could not Read More

Last week, Blackjack Horticulture had to bid farewell to one of its long-time employees, Miguel. Miguel has worked with Blackjack over ten years on the installation team and is moving back to his original hometown. His consistent hard work ethic helped Blackjack complete countless projects over the years. His hard work is evident by the Read More

Brasfield and Gorrie hosted their 9th annual BBQ Cook-off benefiting various charities in the Birmingham area. The day started off early by firing up the grill around 6:30 am to begin cooking Boston butts and racks of ribs that were pre-ordered by people in the community. After these were taken off the grill, preparations began Read More

Recently our flower team took a trip to visit the nurseries who supply us with beautiful annuals each season.  They visited three nurseries and one trial garden. We believe that there is always something new to learn in order to create beautiful landscapes whether that is with new techniques or new plants. The growers are Read More

Have you tried and tried to keep grass alive in shaded areas? Unless you want to cut down multiple trees or anything else that is shading that area, keep that grass green is a tough job. However, there are multiple options that are just as pleasing to the eye as lush green grass. 1.       Moss. Read More

Summer is in full swing. Hot and humid weather is not prime time to install new plants in to your landscape. However, if you still are itching to get your hands in the soil and use your green thumb, an herb garden is the way to go. We recommend to keep your herb garden in Read More

As mentioned in our previous blog post. Different plants need different amounts of water. We have two examples of plants that we have used with our clients in which one prefers a lot of water while the other prefers to be on the dry side. First, is the vinca. Vincas thrive in sunny and dry environments Read More

Since most of our plants have greened-up for spring, you have been able to enjoy the beautiful new growth along with the growth of unwanted vines like wisteria and ivy on trees and in beds. Pulling them out of your beds and off of your trees will get rid of them for a short amount Read More